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Tomb Raider DLC single-player vs multiplayer preference

If it wasn’t bad enough that Tomb Raider DLC is timed-exclusive on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, we have some further disappointing news overall regarding DLC for PS3 gamers as well. Crystal Dynamics, developers for the game have said that future DLC for the game will all be multiplayer-based, with no plans at the moment to bring single-player DLC to the game.

Considering that the single-player campaign isn’t the longest by any means, this may be taken as a huge disappointment to those who are wondering when the next single player expansion is coming. If you aren’t already aware, the Caves and Cliffs DLC is already out on Xbox 360, but now you can expect more multiplayer DLC to come out afterwards.

The bombshell was revealed over at Reddit, during a Q&A segment with Crystal Dynamics brand manager Karl Stewart. Given that Tomb Raider was originally all about the single-player exploration in the old days, is it a bit worrying that Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics have now shifted the focus to just releasing new multiplayer maps in the mold of a Call of Duty game?

Looking at some of the initial feedback, it seems like the majority of you would settle for a new variety of tombs to explore, over new multiplayer maps every time. We’ve even seen some Tomb Raiders say that it would tempt them into a Season Pass purchase if more tombs became available – Square-Enix, are you listening to this?

As it stands though, it is multiplayer add-ons only. If you are still playing Tomb Raider regularly and thought that the single-player mode was a little on the short side, give us your opinions on the DLC direction for the game.



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