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Tekken X Street Fighter could set next-gen standard

If you are wondering what has happened to the mystery Tekken X Street Fighter game, then we could have one interesting theory to share with you this week. The highly anticipated crossover hasn’t been seen since a solitary image of Ryu months ago, but one possible outcome for the delay could be due to the fact that Namco are now considering a release on next-generation consoles instead.

As most of you are well aware, Street Fighter X Tekken was the first game to release as part of the crossover collaboration between Capcom and Namco. That game has been well received overall by fans, although the title did come in for some criticism too over DLC characters that were locked on the disc.

Many fans are hoping that Tekken X Street Fighter will be the best game out of the two, using the style of Tekken this time around as opposed to the 2D Street Fighter format. The only problem is that we haven’t heard about the game at all, prompting questions to be raised on if the game is still coming out at all.

The good news, is that Katsuhiro Harada, producer for the game has suggested on Twitter that the game is still under development. He has provided a further tease though by saying that the team are currently ‘considering platform’ strategy, leading to speculation that Tekken X Street Fighter could be going next-gen instead on the PS4 and next Xbox console.

That is certainly an exciting prospect if true, and it seems the perfect time for rumors to start flowing on the game again with E3 2013 just a few months away. Imagine if Namco has managed to get a build together on the PS4 to show at the event – it could end up as one of the defining next-gen fighters for years to come.

If they are planning to release the game on next-gen, we just hope that they are also considering a next-gen Tekken Force Mode, as they really need to bring that awesome game mode back to its former glory on Tekken 3. If you have been waiting for this game to drop, let us know your thoughts on Tekken X Street Fighter possibly switching to next-gen consoles.



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