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NVIDIA Volta: Next-gen GPU announced in 2013, arrives 2016

We were finally glad to see the NVIDIA Volta was finally unveiled today during the GPU Technology Conference and we have to say that while this NVIDIA next-gen GPU was announced in 2013, you will have to wait until 2016, because that’s when it arrives.

You may wonder what the big deal with this new graphics processor unit is, and the simple answer is the fact that it will be able to solve one of the biggest issues the industry has faced.

That problem is the ability to access memory bandwidth due to the fact there is never enough, but the NVIDIA next-generation GPU will bring with it DRAM or dynamic random access memory. This is achieved by stacking the DRAM on top of each other and then drilling into them allowing them to connect to each other.

The end result we’re told is 1TB/s of memory bandwidth, which makes the Volta ideal if you are a graphics artist, animator, video editor or even a gaming fanatic. The GPU will also have the ability to rip through the contents of a Blu-ray disc in a mere 1/50th of a second.

Expectations are very high for this NVIDIA Volta because of its possibilities and while there will be NVIDIA GPU 2013 releases, none of them will be able to compare to the model coming in three years time. As yet we do not have an official release date or price for the Volta, but it’s not going to be cheap.



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