Final Fantasy X HD PS3 content not on PS Vita

By Alan Ng - Mar 20, 2013

We have some important news for those of you looking forward to the highly anticipated Final Fantasy X HD remake for the PS3 and PS Vita. Unfortunately, it is good and bad news we have to say especially if you are planning to pick up the PS Vita version instead of the console game.

It has become apparent that Square-Enix will also be offering Final Fantasy X-2 for those that pick up Final Fantasy X HD on PS3. A new rumor has claimed that both games will be included on a single Blu-Ray, and will now give PS3 players the opportunity to explore the extra content that X2 includes, such as all female characters as main players and a multiple ending system for the first time.

While this is fantastic news for PS3 owners and definitely more deserving of a potential $60 price tag, we’re also hearing unfortunately that the same incentive will not be applying to the PS Vita version of the game. The same source of the information surfacing from a Japanese magazine suggests that Final Fantasy X-2 is going to be sold as a separate PS Vita game, meaning that owners will have to pay twice to complete the whole Final Fantasy X saga.

One good thing to add is that the game is thought to be releasing on both platforms before the end of the year, since Square-Enix are yet to commit to any sort of release dates for the game. If the news is true, then PS Vita owners are obviously going to be feeling a little hard done by here.

Who is honestly going to pay a separate fee for Final Fantasy X-2 on PS Vita when it comes included for free on the PS3 version? The only assumption that we can make on this, is that the PS Vita version is going to be significantly cheaper than PS3, to make up for the loss of extra content.

If the PS Vita ends up being $30 for each game, then that is obviously fine. Anything above that though and PS Vita owners are going to have a problem. If you have been looking forward to this game, let us know your thoughts on the new developments.

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  • Dankwansere

    I don’t care if I have to buy both separately on my vita…I just want to know when they’re gonna be released. Square Enix stop being lazy

  • i will still get this on vita, im not bothered about 10-2 because i thaught that was rubbish, or at least compared to 10, so yer i can be happy not to have this on vita

  • saintfighteraqua

    I think most people will be happy to be able to skip X-2 all together on Vita if both games are priced right.
    I’ll probably get the Vita versions myself, of both if I’m able.
    Though the best thing would be for SE to do cross buy! That way I can buy them all!