Final Fantasy Versus XIII may have Sony as co-developer

Earlier on we gave you a status update on the highly anticipated Final Fantasy X HD remake, which is destined to land on PS3 and PS Vita before the end of the year. Now we have some more Final Fantasy related news to give you, this time on the elusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII game which still appears to be shrouded in mystery on whether Square-Enix still plans to release the game or not.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII surely has to be bordering on Duke Nukem Forever territory now. It seems like an eternity since the game was first announced and in the whole supposed development process in that period of time, Square-Enix has given next to no details and barely any gameplay footage.

You can forgive fans for feeling a more than a little worried on the ongoing silence, but this week we are again hearing possibilities on a transformation into next-gen instead. At the start of February, we informed you about rumors suggesting that Final Fantasy Versus XIII would be reimagined as Final Fantasy 15 and would release on the Sony PS4 console instead as a Sony exclusive.

Now we have heard the same whispers appearing this week in a separate rumor collection from VGLeaks, who add an extra important slice of information on the fact that Sony are allegedly co-developing the game with Square-Enix as well. Considering that Sony’s focus is very much on the PS4 right now, we wouldn’t be surprised if Versus ended up as a PS4 title.

Sony co-developing the game is certainly an interesting revelation though if true. E3 2013 is approaching in June, so we’re just praying that Square-Enix finally has some good news to bring – don’t forget that they do have a new Final Fantasy game to show, we just don’t know if it will be Versus XIII yet.

What are your thoughts on the status of this game – have you given up all interest yet or still holding on for its release? What do you make of a co-development with Sony helping Square-Enix to get the game finished once and for all?



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