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Battlefield 4 PS4, Xbox 720 could have 64 player maps

As the world waits for EA’s highly anticipated Battlefield 4 reveal on March 26, fresh exciting rumors have dropped on the game and it could be very good news indeed for those planning to pick up Battlefield 4 on the Sony PS4 and Microsoft’s next Xbox console at the end of the year.

Battlefield 3 only has support for up to 24 players online of course, with the PC version of the game being able to support 64 players allowing for a much intenser gameplay experience. Although not confirmed by EA yet, rumors are suggesting that next-gen hardware on the new consoles will finally be able to support a higher player count, with 64 player support online split across 32-man teams on each side.

Further whispers also suggest that next-gen versions of the game will run at 720p resolution, but at a constant 60 frames per second. It goes without saying that 64 players on console will be a very satisfying experience to witness, considering that Xbox 360 and PS3 players have had to put up with limited content compared to PC for years.

Given the 8GB of RAM that is now equipped inside the PS4, it does look like a very promising reality that we’re looking at, even if EA hasn’t confirmed it yet. Developers DICE have always maintained that they would love to put 64 players on console, so now they finally have the hardware to do it and make console versions on par with PC.

It is also logical to assume that if Battlefield 4 releases on PS3 and Xbox 360, then it is still going to only support up to 24 players online. We just have days to go until EA reveal the game to the world for the first time. Let us know your thoughts on 64 player support for next-gen consoles.



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