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Sony PS4 lighting power with new tech demo

Following on from Sony’s impressive PS4 unveiling back in February, the world is excited to see what kind of graphics level the system will be able to produce once the console hits its stride after release at the end of the year. Developers will be hard at work at the moment building their games for the system, and now we have an impressive new PS4 engine demo for you to watch, which gives you an idea of the lighting technologies that will be available on the new hardware.

We all saw the likes of Killzone Shadow Fall at Sony’s event and like us, you were probably very impressed with the level detail that had gone into creating the surrounding city metropolis in the background. Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 was also shown off at the event and now we have an update to Geometric’s Enlighten engine, showing off some new lighting effects that gamers can expect to see once the PS4 is released.

Enlighten has been built using the Unreal Engine and should have support for Microsoft’s next Xbox console as well, once the company decides to finally announce it. The video you see above is part 2 of Enlighten’s progress so far and remember that the focus on show here is the lighting effects – not the graphics.

As stated at the start of the clip, the new engine remains a work in progress, but is already looking pretty spectacular. Take note of when the lighting effects switch from daylight to night time, especially when the torch is lit and the flickering shadow can be seen on the rock opposite – very pretty.

If these are the type of lighting effects that we can expect to see from a variety of developers, then it looks like the PS4 is going to be a very solid system indeed. Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts on the lighting effects, not graphics on offer.

Are you excited by the arrival of PS4 or not?



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