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Samsung Galaxy S4 games at launch from EA

If you are planning to pick up the impressive looking Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone straight at launch, you’ll be pleased to hear that the recently announced device has gained a further boost in the build up to launch. EA has announced that they’ll be supporting the phone thanks to a partnership with Samsung, confirming that 16 Galaxy S4 games from EA will be available to purchase from the Google Play store at launch.

As most of you are probably well aware by now, the Galaxy S4 features a gorgeous 5-inch full HD 1080p display. This is a significant upgrade from the S3 already and it now means even greater possibilities with regards to clear-cut gaming to rival the likes of the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita.

With a staggering Exynos 5 8-core processor on board on the International version, it also means that the Galaxy S4 is going to have no problems whatsoever running the latest mobile games, so it should be able to handle any game that is thrown at it without a hint of slowdown or lag.

EA clearly senses the gaming potential on offer here and have wasted no time in snapping up a quick deal with Samsung to make 16 EA games available at launch. The publisher hasn’t revealed the full list yet, but we can tell you that some of the games that will be available in April include Real Racing 3, Monopoly, Bejeweled Blitz, Plants Vs Zombies and The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Tapped Out is another of EA’s infamous freemium games, so while it will be free to download, the barrage of tempting in-game purchases should keep you busy for weeks. Don’t forget that this is just EA games landing on the Galaxy S4 – the gaming potential on the new phone from every other developer should make the device the best new prospect for mobile gaming.

Are you planning to pick up the Galaxy S4 at launch, or are you still waiting for another smartphone to buy this year? You’ll want the International version if you want to take advantage of the new Exynos eight core processor.



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