iOS 6.1.4 needs to be about new features not bugs

By Peter Chubb - Mar 19, 2013

It has been a month since the last iOS update and today has seen iOS 6.1.3 made available for download. We already knew that this update was all about fixing the passcode issue, even though we were unable to replicate the problems that people were having.

What we have noticed with several of the last updates is that they all have been released in order to resolve bug issues, so wouldn’t it be nice if iOS 6.1.4 would come with some new features rather than resolve problems. Isn’t it funny that when Apple releases a major version of their iOS they then spend the next year trying to resolve all the issues that should have been ironed out in the first place?

We’ve seen Apple release new features during a cycle, just like they did with iOS 6.1 by adding more support to Siri, such as being able to purchase tickets via Fandango by using Siri. The music controls on the lock screen were also tweaked along with a new welcome screen for the Passbook app.

Okay, so these are not major improvements, but we don’t expect them to be, although they are far better than having to download and install an update to see an issue get rectified.

Having said that, we are still waiting for one issue to be resolved and that is poor battery life. This problem has existed since iOS 6 was first released, and no matter what, Apple can never seem to get on top of the issue. Personally I believe that Apple has given up and is aiming to rectify the battery problem in iOS 7.

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  • Mike Amoler

    Since it is the operating system of one of the most popular phones in the world they can’t afford to go wrong with such big computation.

  • Andy

    If apple has the ability to fix the battery issue with iOS 7 why don’t they do it now before they lose customers to the android phones, ie galaxy 4????

    • Robert Zeblai

      I agree

  • Jack hales

    When dose it come out

    • BJB82

      It’s out now as of 5:33 CST here