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Icomania app answers boredom according to reviews

If you were a fan of 4 Pics 1 Word and Paint For Friends then we know you will love Icomania because instead of the app being based on images, it’s based on icons, which is the reason why this has proved such a popular app around the world.

From looking over a few reviews we’re told that the Icomania app answers people’s boredom by getting their brain active, but not everyone is a fan, just like they were with 4 Pics 1 Word as well. There were already hundreds of icons to decipher and this app recently saw an update to version 1.1.

As you would imagine there are several Icomania app reviews on iTunes and Google Play, with some fans saying that the app is a great time waster while others saying that it can become all too easy to get stuck, which is when you have to go down the route of obtaining a cheat.

One user had said they deleted the app after Stage 2 because changes needed to be made, which they hope to see once version 1.2 is released, although this will be a while down the road.

If you were a fan of 4 Pics 1 Word but found it a little hard to get to grips with, then Icomania might be a great alternative. Maybe this is what the other user said about improvements need to be made, as for some people this app could be considered a little too easy.

However, we do know that even the latest version has several issues, such as letters appearing in the wrong place when you ask for a hint, although overall the reviews do seem positive.



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