HTC One US release confusion on Verizon

By Alan Ng - Mar 19, 2013

While many consumers in the US are getting excited about snapping up a lovely HTC One smartphone at launch, the same cannot be said for those on Verizon Wireless. Customers are continuing to be left in the dark on whether Big Red is actually planning to carry the phone or skip a launch altogether in favor of prolonging the HTC Droid DNA instead.

After the announcement of the stunning Samsung Galaxy S4, there is seemingly a hint of extra pressure on HTC’s shoulders to deliver with their new flagship device. Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile are already confirmed to be selling the device to customers in the weeks to come, but the wait on Verizon could be set to be a long one – not for the first time either.

New confusion on a Verizon release has now become apparent, after All Things Digital recently confirmed that Verizon will indeed be releasing the device later on in the year. While that is obviously good news, this positive news turned to confusion after the official HTC US Twitter account revealed that actually, the HTC One isn’t coming to Verizon at all.

In a further spin, this message from HTC USA has since been deleted off the face of the earth, prompting all sorts of speculation as to what future lies for the HTC One on Big Red. Was the information posted to Twitter misinformed and All Things Digital are accurate with their report that it is still coming?

One rumor that is continuing to churn along the rumor mill is that the HTC One is coming to Verizon, but as the HTC Droid DNA 2 instead. Considering that Verizon has been awfully quiet amongst all of the speculation, we would say that this would appear to be a much more logical move given that the Droid DNA is still a relatively new device.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing rumors? Are you happy to bide your time and wait for a Verizon version that could be enhanced slightly compared to the versions that are due on Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile? Or have you decided that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the better handset out of the two anyway?

Update: We’ve found another response from HTC that hasn’t been deleted yet.

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  • Marlon Milligan

    That sucks… Its an amazing phone

  • ChrisHD32

    Message for Verizon…. STOP!!! Stop repackaging your devices to this whole “Droid” fiasco. The HTC One is an excellent device the way it stands, why ruin it with your bloatware and branding. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 took a while to release only because you wished to ruin it with your home button logo. The HTC butterfly got its SD card slot removed and became the yet another limited “Droid” device. I only hope HTC becomes a stronger manufacture and stands behind there device just like Apple and somewhat Samsung. You either “take it as I offer or ill move to the next carrier”.