Windows 9 improvements and possible arrival discussed

By Peter Chubb - Mar 18, 2013

It’s almost five months since the launch of Windows 8 and there have been a huge number of people who are disappointed with the latest version of Microsoft’s OS. One of the main reasons is because the software is far better when run on a touchscreen device, and fails to impress on computers without the touchscreen feature.

I’ve had several friends who have spent the extra money and put Windows 7 on their Windows 8 laptops, which is something that Microsoft did not expect. We hope that the Redmond company will take into account the negative reaction when coming up with the Windows 9 improvements.

Speaking of the new operating system there is a new rumor that suggest the Windows 9 release date could be November 2014, although a beta version could be available to certain individuals by January that year.

Don’t think for one moment when Windows 9 is released Microsoft won’t still be fully sporting touch, because by the time late 2014 comes most PCs will have touchscreen support. We’ve heard many people complain that it just makes your screen dirty, but can you remember the same being said when touchscreen phones were first released as well?

Personally the thought of spending hours on a touchscreen computer does not appeal to me, because it just isn’t practical, but again that’s just a personal opinion.

Later this year we expect an update to Windows 8 codenamed Blue, and is the start of yearly updates for Windows, a little like Mac OS X in that respect.

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  • Evan

    Seriously, touch screen based PC’s do not make sense at all. A ‘usual’ computer set up has the computer monitor on a desk, generally a fair way back due to keyboard and mouse etc, meaning we have to reach out or up to touch the screen. Holding arms in the air for long periods of time to use touch based computers is a completely ridiculous idea.

    Tablets and phones should be the only touch screen devices we need. Mouse and keyboard work perfectly well, and are much better suited for PC’s and Laptops.

    Further….. Windows 8 took all the customization aspects of using a PC away. The ability to make files, folders, change backgrounds, group things where you wanted them etc. The little things that everyone has done for years on end was taken away. ‘Live Tiles’ or what ever Microsoft wants to call them, should be an optional add on to normal icons on a normal desktop. Imagine a normal desktop with your normal files and folders, but the option to include live tiles if you want. Makes a lot more sense.

  • most pcs will have touchscreen support? ive yet to see ONE pc that came with a touchscreen that didnt cost an obscene amount of money. nobody i know has one, nor do they want one. that is what a mouse is for. and microsoft didnt expect people to put windows 7 on their windows 8 laptops? the EXACT SAME THING happened with vista 6 years ago.this should have been expected…