Lenovo ThinkPad T431 problems expressed before release

By Peter Chubb - Mar 18, 2013

With Lenovo showing off the new ThinkPad T431 Ultrabook it seems as though there are some issues with the new device, which potential buyers have expressed. This is not the news that Lenovo wanted to hear before they release their latest version of the ThinkPad, but with only a minor refresh on the offering what else did they expect?

So what Lenovo ThinkPad T431 problems have been articulated? Firstly there’s the design because it looks like something we would have expected around a decade ago. Another issue is with the resolution, because the T431 doesn’t seem to be that high, which seems like an oversight when you look at some of the other Ultrabooks on the market, such as this selection.

One Engadget reader has given three reasons why he will not be buying the Lenovo ThinkPad T431 when it is released in April, and that is because it does not have discrete graphics, touchscreen and a screen that can fold back completely.

However, the main issue is with the ThinkPad T431 price, because $949 is considered a lot when you see that certain specs are lacking, come on Intel HD Graphics is a bit of a joke. And before people tell you that there are MacBooks offering the same for a higher price, these laptops excel in other areas, such as their design for one.

The full specs can be found in the source above, but the ones that mater are the 2.7GHz Intel Core i5 CPU (i7 is available) 4GB of RAM, although this can be increased to 12GB.

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  • its a laptop. some of us dont need a touchscreen, or a 2560×1600 screen to watch youtube videos. the only thing i agree with is the sticker shock, but then again, this is why i buy amd laptops. 400 bucks for the same quality