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Google Nexus 5 selling points, storage still an issue

Over the months there have been suggestions that the Nexus 5 is coming, even though we have not heard from LG or Google, but that’s nothing new. There are so many things that we are not certain of, even down to the name of the Nexus 4 successor, but that has not slowed down the speculation and rumors.

So what could be the Google Nexus 5 selling points? Well firstly there could be camera technology from Nikon, and while you may think this is a little far-fetched, Google and Nikon have already worked together with the Nikon Coolpix S800c. The camera upgrade could be the biggest selling point of the LG Nexus smartphone with its “triple sensor” but let’s take this news for what it is for now shall we.

Another asset for the new handset would be the 3140 mAh battery, which we have to say seems very impressive, but would we expect anything less when you consider that you will be spending a lot of time taking some amazing images with that Nikon shooter? Two others features are what we expect really, such as the Snapdragon 600 CPU and 2GB of RAM.

However, the storage on the Google Nexus 5 looks to still be an issue , if the rumor is true of course, because it’s suggested that there will be a choice of 8GB and 16GB. This is a worry when you consider that users would be using the Nexus 5 more for the camera than some of the other features, and so means you will have to rely on external storage yet again.

It’s hard to gauge how to react to this rumor in regards to Nikon working with Google and LG, but when you consider that the camera was one of the Nexus 4’s weak points, maybe it isn’t hard to conceive after all?



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