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Galaxy S3 marketability ahead of S4 release

Since Samsung treated us to all the details in regards to the Galaxy S4 last week, there will be those of you wondering what the Galaxy S3 marketability will now be like. Well it seems we already know that since some action that has been taken, and that will be to make it more of a mid-range phone, because this smartphone still has so much to offer.

However, to do this there will need to be a price cut and Amazon has already taken measures by slashing the price of the Galaxy S3 on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Now we know what you are thinking, we have seen pretty decent deals in the past, but nothing like $0.01 from the big three US carriers, via Amazon on a two-year contract of course.

There’s also news that Samsung is to add another color for the S3 to the mix, this time in Purple, but will not be available until late April, which is around the same time as the Galaxy S4 is released and only on Sprint for now. This shows that the US carriers are not giving up on the current flagship handset from Samsung because of its marketability value in the mid-range sector now.

Should I buy the Galaxy S3 or S4? The new Galaxy S4 from Samsung is a fantastic phone and is a decent update when compared to the S3, but it’s not the revolution we had hoped and because they look very similar side-by-side that choice is made even tougher.

If you always want the latest and greatest smartphone then we know you’ll go for the new S4. However, if you are more prudent then the Galaxy S3 is more than enough for the regular smartphone user because the features are sufficient enough for your needs.



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