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Samsung Galaxy S4 unpacked on stage

With days, weeks and months of speculation the Samsung Galaxy S4 is unpacked on stage in front of a huge crowd at the event and also online. It’s clear that Samsung has a focus here and that is Innovation and Life, which was discussed just before two new handsets were flashed in front of us.

Samsung said that they are committed to innovation and that they will imagine the possibilities. It’s clear that some of the features of the new Galaxy S4 has some innovate features that will make our life so much easier, well for those who take a smartphone with them everywhere that is.

Samsung Galaxy S4 unpacked on stage 2

We’ll get to all the specs a little later, but the thought of a smartphone that will allow you to talk to people around the world with no language barrier is something we have been longing for, and the S4 will deliver that.

Samsung Galaxy S4 unpacked on stage 3

The new Galaxy flagship handset will be the most secure as well, something that will go down very well with Android users, and that will be thanks to a system called Samsung Knox. Like we said we will go a lot more in detail a little later, but it’s finally nice to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 being unveiled, we just wonder how it will appeal to the Samsung faithful, and what iPhone users will say?



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