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PS Vita beats 3DS in Japan after price cut

It appears that Sony’s recent tactics to boost PS Vita sales in Japan are paying off. It goes without saying that the promising handheld has come under a lot of fire over the last couple of months due to a lack of top quality games, but we can confirm that after a new PS Vita price cut in Japan – Sony’s handheld is now selling more than the Nintendo 3DS.

While we can agree that more games are needed for the PS Vita, we also believe that patience will prevail on this occasion and once the PS4 is out at the end of the year, the PS Vita is going to feel like a brand new release all over again. We can’t mention enough how massive PS4 second screen support using Remote Play could be, although it remains to be seen whether Sony are planning to charge for this luxury or not.

We told you earlier this week that $100 has now been slashed off the 3G Vita price across certain Sony Stores in the US. It is still not deemed an official price cut however, but there has been an official cut in Japan. As a result, the Vita is reportedly outselling the 3DS at the moment, with Sony managing to shift 63,581 units as of last week according to The Escapist.

To put this into context, the Vita apparently sold less than 12,000 units before the price cut was put into place, which means that it has definitely helped to put the momentum back in Sony’s favor. It should also give Sony the push they firmly need to seriously consider official price cuts for US and EU markets to try to achieve the same success.

Sony has been reluctant to drop the price so far, but after seeing what has happened in Japan – do they now have no choice in a way? Let us know your thoughts on the PS Vita so far, and whether you are also optimistic that the handheld will prove to be a massive success once the PS4 is released.

The hardware potential is there to see, we just need third-party developers to step up and make the games.



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