PES 2014 out to topple FIFA 14 with Fox Engine

Earlier on this week, we told you how EA will be aiming to release FIFA 14 with a lot more emphasis on online features and always staying connected. Now, we have some well-timed details on PES 2014, the game that is likely to feature on next-gen consoles alongside their rival, but now also on a brand new gaming engine.

That means that the arrival of PES 2014 is set to be a monumental one, as not only will it be the first Pro Evolution Soccer game on a new home console, but it will be also running on a brand new Fox Engine, the same engine that is being used to develop Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

The pressure is obviously on Konami to deliver then, as they’ll know that they will need to basically make the perfect game if they are going to dismantle FIFA 14 and reclaim the throne as the top footy console game for this year and into 2014. Konami’s Kei Masuda is the creative producer for the upcoming game and has told Edge Magazine that the time was right to switch to a new engine.

He has conceded that the transition from PS2 to PS3 was a ‘difficult’ one, but remains confident that the team can deliver the game that fans have been waiting a few years to see after slipping down the pecking order as FIFA went from strength to strength in the process.

Additional details from MCV suggest that one of the new features of PES 2014 will be match momentum, using an example of Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard being able to resist hostile crowds and strong challenges to boost players around him to swing a match in your favor.

It sounds interesting and ambitious, but we can’t wait to see how it will differ to FIFA 14. A new engine is going to be fantastic as well – just how good will those player models be? If you are looking forward to the next-gen football battle between FIFA 14 and PES 2014, let us know if you are willing to give PES 2014 another chance.



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