Nikon D7100 stock issues for some

By Peter Chubb - Mar 15, 2013

The Nikon D7100 was finally released yesterday and we’ve already learned from some readers that they have now got their hands on the new DSLR. Others are happy to learn that their new camera is shipping, but it’s not all good news. The reason we say this is because we are hearing that there are a few Nikon D7100 stock issues from various suppliers.

A few of our readers said that while they received an email to state that theirs was shipping, they have now been sent another stating it is currently out of stock. Then some Best Buy stores did not even have knowledge that they were getting the new camera, but if you look on their online store they do have some units for sale.

A quick search on Best Buy shows us that the Nikon D7100 complete with 18-105mm Lens is out of stock; you can still get your hands on the body-only version, although you better be quick. This is the same issue with Amazon, as they have no stock with the lens and only limited numbers of the body-only model.

However, you should be lucky that there has been limited stock because the UK has to wait until March 21 before the D7100 is made available to them. It does seem strange that the Nikon D7100 is having these problems with stock, becasue you would’ve thought this kind of thing only happened to popular smartphones or tablets, although this DSLR has been hyped for a few months now.

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  • Dub

    That’s why I got mine from a smaller established camera shop. Each of the ones in my area has them still.

  • mobax

    Correction: Thank you for shipping today Best Buy! I was just excited and little impatient.

  • Kevin

    I pre-ordered from Amazon and it looks like they won’t ship until March 21st… I really wanted this camera for my spring break trip. Doesn’t look like it will arrive in time.

    • I Preordered on amazon 3 days after the announcement and I just got an estimated delivery date for monday.

  • mobax

    Email From Best Buy few weeks ago:
    Your pre-order has a new release date There has been a change to the release date of the pre-ordered item listed below. The new release date is 03/15/2013.

    Checked Order status this morning:
    Order Status:: 1 item(s) backordered.Usually ships in 1 – 2 weeks. Nikon – D7100 24.1-Megapixel DSLR Camera with 18-105mm Lens – Black

    Has me pretty upset