iPhone 6 following release of Galaxy S4 news

By Peter Chubb - Mar 15, 2013

Now that the Unpacked Event is over for another year people have had more than enough time to digest what was offered to them, which means we can look to the iPhone 6 following the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 news last night. There has been a mixed reaction from those who attended the event and who stayed around the world to watch the S4 being unveiled.

A lot of people are saying that Samsung is providing minor yearly updates now, just like Apple. Some of you may disagree, but a huge percentage of our Facebook readers are a little disappointed. However, you cannot take it away from Samsung, this is still a major update when compared to the update from the iPhone 4S to iPhone 5.

Over the years we have been so used to Samsung updating the exterior of their new handsets, so maybe this is a reason why some of their loyal customers are now thinking the iPhone 6 has more to offer. We must stress we said some, and you have to realize that the iPhone 6 might not be released until next year. If we were to look at the past then Apple will release the iPhone 5S later this year, but rumors still persist that this could either be the cheaper or smaller model, while a more premium version will carry the 6 moniker.

There is a concern that some consumer and business users might give the S4 a miss because it’s not the huge jump they had hoped when compared to the S3, a lot like Apple again in that sense. However, the Android faithful will not like to agree with that, and when you look over the Samsung Galaxy S4 specs, we can’t help think that it’s a far better upgrade than Apple offered with their previous update.

When we do see the iPhone 6 revealed, be it this year or next we can be sure that Apple will do one thing better, and that is the unveil itself. The Unpacked Event was like a Broadway show, and a bad one at that. It just seemed force making it painful to watch.

Apple could learn a lot from this event, surely they now understand that people hate the idea of minor upgrades, and while they have put up with this in the past, they won’t all the time and slipping sales figures of the iPhone 5 is proof of that.

So what would you want from the iPhone 6 to make it better than what Samsung has to offer, and would you like to see some of the Galaxy S4 features, or can Apple give you something better?

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  • Mike

    You can’t can pare iphone 5 to the S4 the 5 is a 2012 phone as is the s3 were In 2013 so the S4 vs the 5S or iPhone 6 I do have a iPhone 5 and it does what I want but things change fast in this phone battle apple does need to make some changes or they do risk losing some people this is a war that will be around for a while yet I do like that apple is just easy to use and for me that does the trick

  • A 4.8 inch screen, more Ram, and a faster cpu is what I’d hope the iPhone 5s or 6 should have.

  • Evan youknowitstrue

    Since the next gen “super phones” are going all goo goo and gah gah over large screens and resolution, as well as processors that make your new laptops inferior, Apple should do 3 things. 1)Match screen sizes and provide the best screen’s new tech will allow, but not only that but make it a edge to edge screen. No more borders! 2) Get a new interface on the iOS, everyone is tired of the plain jane OS that apple uses, I found a promising OS named “Jolla Sailfish” and while this is a Android based OS system it has a very sleek user interface! 3)People are obsessed with the newest, fastest and smallest tech, regardless of how practical it is. Take the Galaxy s4, a octacore processor? I have read constant reviews saying “isn’t that overkill?” well, yes it is considering even the newest computers and gaming systems have not been able to fully use this new tech. BUT it will sell and who is to say that it really is not the future.

  • Ira Eisenstein

    Upgrade for IPhone 6 Wish List:
    FLASH. Give me that and you can leave everything else unchanged.

    • Flash is dead even on android. Better get used to it.