Galaxy Note 3 Game Pad support provides screen size

By Peter Chubb - Mar 15, 2013

Yesterday saw the unveil of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and with it there were several accessories being shown as well. However, there is only one of interest to us because it helps give us an idea of the Galaxy Note 3 screen size. The accessory in question is the Game Pad and because the small device provides support for screens from 4 – 6.3 inches we feel as though this is telling us something about the size of the next phablet.

We could be reading more into this, but they must have given support for a larger screen size for a reason, and we’d like to think that reason is because the Note 3 will have a 6.3-inch display? It’s not too much of a stretch really because this would be in line with several rumors we have heard before.

The current size of the Note 2 screen is 5.5 inches, so increasing by almost an inch does seem a little far-fetched, and considering the S4 only had an increase of 0.2 inches, those could those Note 3 rumors be incorrect?

Personally we believe that the Galaxy Note 3 will only see a minor screen size increase like its sibling the S4. Speaking of that new handset, we have to wonder if it paints a picture of what is to come in terms of hardware for the Note 3? Depending who you ask the S4 disappointed a little because it was not the massive upgrade that we expected, but rather a minor one.

However, these people are only basing this on the looks because they are so used to Samsung changing the design of their new smartphones, but if you were to look at the hardware and software changes then you will be pleasantly surprised.

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