2013 Honda and Acura recall list includes 2005 – 2006 models

We were told the other day that we should not be surprised when a new car recall is announced, with that in mind we now report that Honda and Acura has had to recall 183,000 2005 – 2006 models, with the list that includes the Acura MDX, RL and the Honda Pilot.

The reason behind the recall is due to an issue with the braking system and stability control. It appears that in some cases the VSA control units may have a damaged electric capacitor, which in some cases could apply the brakes at full force without the driver ever putting their foot on the brake pedal, or use unnecessary force when a driver does brake.

There are 101,000 Honda Pilot affected by this latest recall list, along with 60,000 Acura MDX and 21,000 Acura RL 2005 models. There are also a further 800 MDX 2006 CUV vehicles all with the same issues. However, we’re told that the Honda Pilot is under investigation for another issue, but this time to do with a bolt in the VGA system, which could have the same braking problems.

If you are concerned that your model may be included in this recall then you can check your Honda VIN or Acura VIN or phone (800) 999-1009 for Honda owners or (800) 382-2238 for those with an Acura.



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