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Wii U price cut in UK has knock on effect

Over a week ago, we informed you about the rather surprising and unofficial Wii U price cut that occurred in the UK. Supermarket ASDA were the ones to issue a price cut, despite the fact that Nintendo has not officially cut the price of the Wii U themselves.

That means that ASDA’s new pricing for the Wii U now stands at £199 for the basic version and £249 for the deluxe version – a £50 saving on both models. At the time, rivals Amazon kept their original prices for the console, but now we can tell you that they have given in and matched ASDA’s prices with a £50 discount of their own.

A 32GB Wii U console with a free copy of Nintendo Land suddenly doesn’t seem too expensive anymore at £250, compared to the standard £299 price which a lot of consumers were not happy about paying. The debate that seems to be brewing at the moment, is whether Nintendo are already in trouble with their new console, or if it’s just a case of retailers wanting to shift some stock and are giving consumers the push that they need.

The PS4 is due to arrive during the 2013 Holiday Season in the US, and we would like to think that the console will also be priced around the £299 mark, although some speculation has suggested that it could be closer to the £400 area. A £50 price cut is always nice to any new console, but what we really want to see is Nintendo making more of an effort to secure big name third-party releases for the Wii U.

Having the same third-party games as the PS3 and Xbox 360 should be a bare minimum requirement at least, and Bayonetta 2 obviously is a rare breed at the moment as a once multiplatform game turning up as a Nintendo exclusive for the sequel. If you haven’t bought a Wii U in the UK but are interested, does a £50 price cut do anything to change your mind or not?

Let’s wait and see if US prices drop as well over the coming weeks.



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