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Pokemon X and Y news slow to surface from Japan

It is fair to say that the anticipation for Pokemon X and Y is through the roof this time around, mainly due to the fact that the game is finally getting a worldwide release on the Nintendo 3DS, and not a Japanese release first as we have seen with previous Pokemon titles in the franchise.

Everybody wants to know fresh information on the game, but unfortunately details are still at a bare minimum, with only Japanese magazine spreads providing just a tease of information on the game, albeit in a different language. So far, we have kept you up to date with an alleged leaked Pokedex, information on Sylveon the new Eevee evolution, and also a rumored leaked list showing all of the Pokemon X and Y Gym Leaders and their corresponding Gym badges awards.

As we close on another week without a single piece of news from Nintendo, we can tell you that there is an update of sorts in the latest issue of Japanese magazine Coro Coro. The April issue is apparently focused on Mewtwo and an incentive that players can get by ordering tickets to the upcoming Pokemon movie.

There’s also some game scans from the highly anticipated Pokemon Rumble game for the Wii U, but unfortunately it appears that there isn’t any new information on Pokemon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS. Considering that the game is due for a worldwide release, should Nintendo and Game Freak be doing a lot more to get the word across that this is going to be a massive game for the 3DS?

It is arguably the most anticipated game to release on Nintendo’s handheld since launch we feel, but some new details in English wouldn’t go a miss in our opinion. Let us know if you’re a big Pokemon fan and whether you are disappointed as well on the lack of updates for the game.

Is it still a day one purchase for you, regardless?



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