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Elusive Star Wars gameplay gives COD a run for its money

While some of you were probably disappointed with the likes of Star Wars Kinect and The Old Republic, we have news on one unreleased Star wars game that could set to be one of the best ever released. Gameplay from a Star Wars shooter has emerged, showing similarities to a Call of Duty game format, and action that a lot of you are going to be pretty excited to see.

This is the probably the game that all Star Wars fans have been waiting a long time to see. Personally, I haven’t played a better Star Wars game than Jedi Power Battles on the PS1 so far, but having taken a look at this footage I hope that this game could be the one to change my mind.

The only problem, is that the game is unreleased with no sign on whether it is coming out at all. To echo shades of Star Wars Battlefront 3 which was cancelled, we hear from Kotaku that this game is thought to be called Star Wars: First Assault and is meant to be a predecessor to Battlefront 3.

Another issue is that development on the game is thought to have been halted for the moment, following Disney’s recent acquisition of LucasArts, meaning that all future Star Wars games are currently on pending status until further notice. This is one game that definitely needs to release though as it looks fantastic even for an early or alpha build.

If the game is still coming out this year, then it is going to be a downloadable title for Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. The graphics are looking superb though so there’s no chance of this being a half baked effort from LucasArts. Take a look at the exciting footage above for yourself and let us know if you would buy this if it ever came out.

On a side note – what is your favorite Star Wars game ever so far? Do you agree that Jedi Power Battles set a good standard?



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