Canon 70D vs. Nikon D7100 – Performance importance over specs

By Peter Chubb - Mar 14, 2013

The Nikon D7100 is the successor to the popular D7000 and was supposed to be released today, but as yet we cannot find evidence that shipping has begun. However, it’s still early and online retailers could update their websites later in the day. The D7000 was considered the better camera on paper compared to the Canon 60D, although real-world performance said otherwise.

It’s for this reason why we should not pay much attention to the Canon 70D specs when they are finally released. Having said that, Canon has not officially announced the 70D, but it’s obvious that the camera maker will release the new entry-level DSLR because they will not want Nikon to grab too much of the market share.

Having said that, Canon has missed a trick here as they have allowed Nikon to get the jump on them, and for how long we have no idea at this moment in time. Some of the specs of the Nikon D7100 seen HERE look very impressive indeed, so we hope that Canon can repeat the success of the 60D and give its successor the ability to perform that much better when people finally get their hands on the new DSLR and starts shooting.

One area where the Canon 70D could do with an upgrade is by making it 1080P at 60FPS, and while GPS and WiFi would be nice some purists believe that it is a bit of a gimmick. Now that Nikon is about to release the D7100 you would have thought Canon would have unveiled the 70D by now, maybe this will happen in a day or two?

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  • nc

    If this article were slanted any more towards Canon, it’d fall over.

  • Lou

    Mine I striving Tuesday.

    • Lou


  • rt

    Please, the D7000 spanked the 60D in every measure a true photographer cares about. Far better AF, far better sensor (check the objective DxO optics measurements for noise and dynamic range), far better construction. Hell, I’d take my old 20D over the 60D.

    I’ve just about given up on Canon. I hate to sell my lenses, but if the 70D doesn’t at least have improved AF I’m gone.

  • CptSmashy

    Got my shipping notification from B&H earlier. They are on the way.

    • Matthew Fleisher

      Lucky you. I’m scared to cancel my out of stock preorder and lose my place in line unless I can physically put my hands on one in a store.

  • Per Webb

    I have mine! Picked it up 3 hours ago. One of the first to be sold in Stockholm.

  • Muu

    is it available in hong kong?

  • ?

    its shipping at all major sites. in store at BB tomorrow. dont be a troll

    • Matthew Fleisher

      Called bb and they didn’t know anything. Saying it’s shipping and actually doing it is big difference. Amazon said mine would ship the 14th but now it says out of stock and I don’t have a tracking number yet.

  • Muuu

    When it is releasing. we r waiting

    • j33

      Amazon already starts shipping.

      • Matthew Fleisher

        Preordered on Amazon last month… says out of stock.

        • same here with Amazon. When I pre-ordered it said available 3/14.

        • Matthew Fleisher

          Got my tracking number today. Will be here 3/19.