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Samsung’s Galaxy S4 stock availability measures

If you thought the Nexus 4 was the only handset to have suffered from stock problem, then you would be mistaken. We say this because the Galaxy S3 had similar issues where Samsung had majorly underestimated the successes of the smartphone, and so led to supply issues.

Thankfully Samsung seems far more prepared this year and so have taken several Galaxy S4 stock availability measures, which means they are well placed to handle around 10 million sales of the upcoming flagship handset in 2014. Samsung has also made certain that there is no repeat of the design fault of the case, which led to a loss of around 2 million handset sales.

A recent article reports that Samsung has made the necessary checks to make certain that all is ready and will go smooth once the Galaxy S4 lands, which we should learn more about tomorrow. Check HERE For times of the Unpacked Event by time zones.

However, that’s not saying all will go smoothly, because there is certain to be one or two minor blips, but nothing as bad as what we saw last year. Let’s just hope that Samsung have not oversold their new S4 model, because if it does not come with all the features we expect then they could be left with a huge supply of handsets with not many being shifted – although we feel this is highly unlikely.



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