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iPhone alarm clock app solves wake up problems

If you are somebody who hates getting out of bed and endures iPhone alarm clock problems on a regular basis, you may want to know that there is help out there by way of a humorous iPhone 5 and 4S alarm clock app. FreakyAlarm 2.0 has just received a notable update, adding an ‘evil’ setting which requires you to solve puzzles and games before the alarm clock will switch itself off.

Let’s face it, the snooze button built into the iOS 6 alarm clock just doesn’t cut it any more. It is just far too easy to keep pressing numerous times for that extra 10 minutes of heaven and although we certainly wouldn’t count it as an iOS 6 problem, Apple’s own alarm clock could do with some extra functionality.

In the meantime, you should definitely give FreakyAlarm a try. It’s available as a $1.99 download on the App Store right now, with the latest update providing a new recognition system involving scanning barcodes and images for that extra level of sophistication needed to get you out of bed and into daily routine.

As you can see from the image above, there are also numerous other ways that FreakyAlarm operates, such as solving mathematical sums with your brain in low power state or trying to track moving numbers across the screen. Don’t forget that this is all going on with annoying sounds in the background that won’t turn off until you have solved these puzzles.

We think it is a great way to solve the ancient problem of waking up on time, but who’s willing to pay $1.99 for the pleasure / stress? At the moment, there’s no word on a Android release, but we’ll let you know once that changes. Let us know if you are already trying FreakyAlarm and whether you believe it actually helps on a regular basis to wake you up.



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