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Galaxy S3 Plus vs. iPhone 5S – enhanced modifications

For those of you living on another planet, Samsung will be holding their Unpacked Event tomorrow (times here) where they are expected to unveil the Galaxy S4. However, there has been a rumor doing the rounds that would suggest Samsung are thinking of looking after their mid-range customers with a Galaxy S3 Plus unveil at the same time.

If this were true then this could be a crafty move by Samsung, as it would surely be a rival to the iPhone 5S, as the S4 would be too far ahead of the game to compare those two? While the current model is considered a flagship high-end device, this will not be the same for 2013, so makes perfect sense to make it the best mid-range instead.

We are told that Samsung could achieve this by improving the display to give it a higher pixel resolution, offer wireless charging and could even increase its battery life by 300 mAh more when compared to the S3. We are not certain if Samsung will stick with the same processor, but we see no reason why not.

Looking at some of those enhancements we also expect the iPhone 5S to sport some of these as well, such as an improved battery and the possibility of wireless charging. However, we do know that the new iPhone will also have an improved CPU and maybe a camera as well, something the Galaxy S3 Plus may not have.

Some people would say Samsung are a little silly updating the S3 when they should concentrate on the S4 flagship model, then again maybe they want to prove to Apple that they can not only bring out a new model but release a refresh of their current smartphone at the same time?



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