Black Ops 2 update brings new micro DLC to Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Mar 13, 2013

Xbox 360 players of Black Ops 2 are set for some new functionality with regards to their multiplayer experience online. It has been confirmed that in-game micro-transactions are now coming to Black Ops 2 for the first time, adding some extra eye candy for die-hard fans who are willing to pay a small fee for them.

That means on top of the season pass incentive that is already in place, there will now be extra purchase options for those that really want to go all out to stand out from the rest online. Starting this week, Xbox 360 players will be able to buy personalization packs for 160 Microsoft Points a piece, which offers three weapon camos, three target reticles and also a unique calling card as well for added swagger when playing against rivals.

If you are in need of extra create-a-class slots, Activision will also be offering ten extra slots for a further 160 Microsoft Points for those that require them. Zombies is also going to be joining in on the action as well, since Activision will sell Nuketown zombies for 400 Microsoft Points – previously it was only available to those who pre-ordered a special edition of the game, or purchased a full Season Pass.

It is worth making an important point that Activision has said that the extra personalization packs won’t aid gameplay in any way, so don’t worry if you are thinking that this will offer some kind of advantage over the rest of the field. With that in mind, there really is no harm in this – right?

Having said that, it also poses the very high possibility that this new micro-transaction system will be implemented in all future Call of Duty games, which includes the first game on next-gen consoles too we expect. Let us know if you will be willing to buy the extra content for 160 points, or if you think this is a terrible idea.

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  • Alexandr

    I pre-ordered for the nuke town map, now everyone gets it. I got the season pass (sure it was only for dlc map packs, but now they added micro dlc they should include it) just to not get much better benefits than those who didnt spend. And really… Have to make all the reticles and camps and such in multiple packs… Should’ve put more stuff in each pack, a reticle and a camo (that isn’t even great) isnt enough for me to buy

  • David

    Not right u buy the season pass they should throw in their micros like GOW3 didand them saying nuketown zombies was an exclusive only to the collecters edition and pre-order let u get nuketown 2025 I would have waited and saved money tht wasn’t right on there part shouldnt have forked over the money I kno there greedy whatever

    • BritishAssassin

      My god.

      • David

        My bad when my finge. Are four times the size of my buttons

      • David

        That was english to learn not to be a douche it was four in the morning where im at and just got off work

      • Greg

        Oh shut up.

    • Common Sense

      The season pass stated that it gives you all 4 DLC MAP PACKS, not all DLC.

      • Uncommon Sense

        I agree with David, we shouldn’t have to shell out extra money for Call of Duty weapon skins and reticles. Not when the game isn’t already free-to-play and map packs are at 15$ a pop (or 10$ if you bought the season pass). Besides, paying for skins is for League of Legends.

      • David

        The point of the matter is when they did that interview through elite he stated “all dlc comes with the season pass” and you are missing the point here they tricked people into gettin their harden edition and preordering I wouk d have wanted instead of dishing out the extra fifty dollars to get content everyone else got except a gun camo my point there is when they state all content comes with it it should Geard of War 3 u got so many different micropacks through the season pass you wanna be a douche that’s cool but how about you read and understand a little more before you reply to me