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Sony Alpha a58 vs. a57 video review confrontation pending

With Sony unveiling their Alpha a58 several weeks ago we had assumed that there would have been a few Sony a58 vs. a57 video reviews by now, but all we have is a review or two of how they expect these cameras to shape up next to each other based on their specs.

All the current Sony Alpha a58 hands-on reviews are more previews than anything, so you are unable to gauge an idea if you should purchase the new model or go with the a57 and save some money while you are at it?

Looking over a comparison of the a58 and a57 image quality we had hoped to see a far better improvement, as there is a general agreement that the new Alpha does not impress. However, because these were not the best of test images we need to give the a58 the benefit of the doubt. Let’s wait until those first videos begin to appear on YouTube before we condemn it.

There’s no denying that Sony and their Alpha range is not considered a big player in the DSLR market, but they have been making vast improvements over the past couple of years, something that Canon and Nikon are only too aware of.

The a58 looks to be a very promising entry-level camera, but looking over the press release we feel that Sony could have given us so much more. The new Alpha model will be available from April.



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