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Samsung Galaxy S4 curved tease sends fans wild

Some of you may have seen some recent alleged ‘leaked’ photographs of the elusive Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone that hit the internet this week from a Chinese forum. It looks like those photos have now been confirmed as fake, as Samsung has released a teaser image of a device thought to be the Galaxy S4, just days away from the highly anticipated Mobile Unpacked event where we should finally see the device in the flesh.

Firstly, if you haven’t seen the photos yet you can check them all out here. We initially saw a curved device with Samsung’s logo at the top with an accompanying speaker grill and front-facing camera. We see early China leaks that turn out to be real all the time, but on this occasion it looks like the images may be fake.

That’s because Samsung has released the image above, along with the message “The countdown for #TheNextBigThing has begun. Who’s ready for the Global Unpacked Event on March 14?” We know what you are all thinking though – this just looks exactly like the Galaxy S3 right?

While that is true, we doubt very much that Samsung would be so mean as to troll everyone with an image of the S3 just days before their big event that they have been hyping up for weeks. The image is also different to the supposed leaked images, with no front speaker at the top, so this could be first real glimpse of the S4 on offer here.

The image is heavily concealed, so we can’t see where the speaker would be situated at the top. Is there even a slight chance that Samsung has managed to integrate the speaker into the logo? That would be very slick if it’s possible.

What are your thoughts on another curved design for the Galaxy S4, potentially? Are you happy with the initial design shown in the teaser or were you hoping for a complete overhaul?



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