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PS4, Xbox 720 game prices in US, UK may increase

We have some more details on the much discussed next-gen PS4 and Xbox game price point to share with you now. Recently, we told you about rumors suggesting that prices could be raised to £70 per PS4 game in the UK. Now we have a new rumor to give you, coming from that man Michael Pachter again who has given another of his claims on how much games on the new consoles will cost in the US.

Bear in mind that Jack Tretton had previously hinted that PS4 games wouldn’t go above the current $60 mark for next-gen, Michael Pachter has been confident enough to override that and suggest that next-gen games on the PS4 and next Xbox console will both cost $70 to buy in the US.

That is obviously ten dollars higher than what gamers will be used to paying for a game at release, and if true it is certainly going to ruffle a few feathers for those that are already unhappy at paying $60 per game in the US. Although this is never a confirmation at this point, Michael Pachter has said that this is a ‘likely’ move to happen.

As for the UK prices, it does make you wonder if the initial retailer price points showing £70 per game are now correct. Are Sony and Microsoft seriously planning to charge consumers more for the upgraded hardware and new gaming potential on offer here? We wouldn’t be surprised if we see increased games prices, but the question is whether you would still be willing to buy or not.

Is it suicide in your opinion to charge $70 per game, or is it a logical business move from both companies as we progress into next-gen with greater features available out of the box? Let us know your stance on this and whether you would be willing to accomodate Sony and Microsoft if they increased their prices.



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