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Microsoft Surface Phone detrimental to Lumia range

If we were to go back several years Nokia was the big player in the world of cell phones, but since the introduction of smartphones they have struggled to keep up with the new boys, along with some of the old players as well. However, when Nokia released the Lumia range and decided to back Windows Phone things started to look up.

However, with rumors that Microsoft plans to bring their own Surface Phone to market, this could be detrimental to the Lumia range. Microsoft is also in the same position because Apple and Samsung along with the Android platform as a whole has had a damaging effect on the Redmond company, which is why they are now rethinking their smartphone and tablet strategy.

The Surface Pro is not the best tablet on the market, but then again it is so much more than a tablet, which does make it a little easier to market because it’s different. On the other hand, a Surface Phone will be a tougher sell because what will make it different to the competition, and more so the Lumia range?

There is currently no signs that Microsoft is planning such a thing, but this is something that Nokia believes will happen, and according to this report the Windows Phone 8 developer could go the route of Apple and act independently.

We can see why they would want to do such a thing because they can have more control over their hardware and mobile OS integration, but this could come back to bite them because it seems like such a risky plan.

Like we said above this is just a rumor for now, but do you think a Surface Phone would be a good idea, and if so how would it affect Nokia’s Lumia range?



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