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Xbox 720 wins PS4 war from analyst talk

Microsoft’s next Xbox console hasn’t even been announced yet, but one gaming industry analyst has apparently seen or heard enough to suggest that it will be Microsoft’s console that comes up on top against the Sony PS4 and the Nintendo Wii U. That analyst is Michael Pachter and he has been giving his latest thoughts on the imminent next-gen wars that are set to grip gamers as we progress towards the end of the year.

If you have been keeping up with the latest rumors, you may know that Microsoft is thought to be announcing their next console at a private event on April 26. This would then give them the spotlight ahead of E3 and a chance to counter the impressive looking PS4 with dazzling hardware specs of their own.

The only problem here is that we still do not know what hardware features the Xbox 720 will definitely have, but analyst Michael Pachter already does. He has been speaking at SXSW 2013 and has boldly said in black and white that ‘Microsoft will win the next-generation’.

He has said that the next Xbox will feature Skype and a TV tuner app, which he believes will be two ‘killer’ factors that will help to sway the battle in Microsoft’s favor. He has said that Sony will thrive in comparison, adding that the Gaikai and PS4 content will be two big advantages for Sony’s console, but they’ll still be playing ‘catch up’ to Microsoft.

Nintendo on the other hand will remain ‘software king’ but may struggle to sell hardware units against Microsoft and Sony. These are very interesting comments from the analyst as you can imagine, especially since we are yet to see Microsoft’s console in the flesh.

Will the addition of Skype (Microsoft owned) and a TV tuner really make the next Xbox a clear winner against the PS4? Saying that Microsoft will win the next generation could end up as a big talking point once the console is finally announced.

Let us know your thoughts on his latest comments and whether you agree with him or not.



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