Xbox 720 wins PS4 war from analyst talk

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2013

Microsoft’s next Xbox console hasn’t even been announced yet, but one gaming industry analyst has apparently seen or heard enough to suggest that it will be Microsoft’s console that comes up on top against the Sony PS4 and the Nintendo Wii U. That analyst is Michael Pachter and he has been giving his latest thoughts on the imminent next-gen wars that are set to grip gamers as we progress towards the end of the year.

If you have been keeping up with the latest rumors, you may know that Microsoft is thought to be announcing their next console at a private event on April 26. This would then give them the spotlight ahead of E3 and a chance to counter the impressive looking PS4 with dazzling hardware specs of their own.

The only problem here is that we still do not know what hardware features the Xbox 720 will definitely have, but analyst Michael Pachter already does. He has been speaking at SXSW 2013 and has boldly said in black and white that ‘Microsoft will win the next-generation’.

He has said that the next Xbox will feature Skype and a TV tuner app, which he believes will be two ‘killer’ factors that will help to sway the battle in Microsoft’s favor. He has said that Sony will thrive in comparison, adding that the Gaikai and PS4 content will be two big advantages for Sony’s console, but they’ll still be playing ‘catch up’ to Microsoft.

Nintendo on the other hand will remain ‘software king’ but may struggle to sell hardware units against Microsoft and Sony. These are very interesting comments from the analyst as you can imagine, especially since we are yet to see Microsoft’s console in the flesh.

Will the addition of Skype (Microsoft owned) and a TV tuner really make the next Xbox a clear winner against the PS4? Saying that Microsoft will win the next generation could end up as a big talking point once the console is finally announced.

Let us know your thoughts on his latest comments and whether you agree with him or not.

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  • BritishAssassin

    This comment section is subject to fanboys XD

  • luke

    I have a tv tuner in my tv as well as skype… I dont use any of them as I have virgin media. So that feature is pointless.

    Nice try microsoft but you still wont win me over.

  • Ryan

    Why is Skype such a big deal? I personally don’t know anyone who uses it, and i’ve never used it. The only time i’ve ever known anyone to take advantage of it was a friend whose relative was in Afghanistan for a few months. If I was deciding which console to buy, Skype ability would not be anywhere near the top of my list for deciding factors…..

  • To guess who will come out on top is foolish. It isn’t specs that makes a system. It’s an emotional attachment to the system and one “bad” feature will turn people away from the best device. In the past (Before PS3, XBOX, and Nintendo), several manufacturers built systems well ahead of their time and they flopped on their face. Playstation was easily on top and so was Nintendo not that long ago. Atari dominated the market also.

    Who will dominate the market this next round? The one that draws the consumers in a combination of great gameplay, great interface, simplistic, yet able to satisfy our needs without breaking the bank. Being first to announce doesn’t hurt either. “Are you getting the best bang for your buck?” is often what win, despite one having more horse power.

    I own a PS3, an XBox 360, and a WII (along with older technologies). In my house, I use the PS3, my teenage boy uses the XBox 360, and my younger daughters play the WII most often. Each device fills a niche for all age ranges.

    If a Console maker wants to truly dominate the market, they need to make a device that fills the needs of three generations. Will Skype and a TV Tuner do it? My first reaction is no. It doesn’t make me itch to rush out and grab an XBox 720. I hope they have many more tricks up their sleeve.

    I have been hoping that one of these manufacturers would get smart and make a system that is modular so that it can be advanced down the road to add more power and different features based upon my needs without having to cost as much as a “do-it-all” system instead of guess what we’ll need for the next 5 – 10 years.

  • Xbox fanboy how predictable this is Playstation !!!!! ( Roar ) Like in sparta movie hahaha

  • majed

    Another xbox fan trying to make a name for a console that will always be below the ps4, xbox may be an exciting console and also a powerful. But not enough powerful to beat the ps industry

    • Whats is power used for if all the games will end up being played the same way on each others platforme. I personnaly think that power should not be taken in consideration when comparing both of these monsters, but instead compare upcoming games.

  • Dharm Dhurander

    chup bhodsari.muu chap denge rundi

  • Okay, so who did Michael Prachter say would win the last generation? Ohh the PS3?

    It is 2013 and the PS3 is in LAST place as compared to the Wii and Xbox, and has been every year. Hardly his first stupid comment either. There were a more than a few doozies from Prachter.

    What publication that has ANY respect for its readers, quotes a discredited “personality” like Michael Prachter?