Sony PS4 hardware vs PC longevity from dev

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2013

We know that the PS4 is looking pretty impressive with 8GB of RAM, but just how do some of the developers that have previously built games for the PS3 feel about it? We have some interesting comments to share with you now from the co-founder of Avalanche Studios, who believes that his team are now in a very commanding position with regards to future game development on Sony’s new console.

Avalanche Studios have been responsible for previous games such as the Just Cause series and more recently, the Renegade Ops game which came out in 2011. Although nothing has been announced yet, it is highly likely that they are already working on games for the PS4 and their co-founder has boldly said that the Sony PS4 now has the hardware to ‘out power most PCs for years to come’.

Linus Blomberg has also said that the new PC-based architecture within the PS4 hardware will now make it much easier to perform incremental improvements via updates than what we saw with the PS3, which was notoriously difficult to develop on according to a lot of studios.

What we and probably most PC owners would like to hear though, is whether he was referring to the average consumer PC or a PC that has been specifically built for gaming purposes. While the PS4 may be equipped with exciting specs at the moment, there is always going to be a PC that has better hardware than the PS4 as long as consumers are willing to pay a stiff premium price for it.

8GB of RAM is obviously very good news for the PS4 compared to the PS3, but it’s also true that many PCs were running 8GBs of RAM years ago. If you are an intrigued PC owner with a specialist rig reading this, let us know your thoughts on the comments from Avalanche’s co-founder.

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  • Luuk.vanRiel

    Thing is ps4 (even tough its extremely fast and expensive vram thats used as ram) will be outdated in terms of hardware specs by its release. Ps4 will have two big pros over pc. It will be under half the price of a pc with the same specs, plus games will be designed especially the certain hardware combination, thus including the longevoty of the hardware since every last bit of power can be used optimal. The pc platform excists of thousands of different combos of hardware. This makes for a far higher need for power instead of dedicated gaming consoles. Just build a pc with ps3 specs and try to run recent games on it. It will lag and crash.

    • annoymous

      We will have to wait and see..but be rest assured Sony has only revealed what they want you to know…About this Physx Nvidia support? How is this possible on a AMD based APU? There is definately more than meets the eye here..Maybe a nvidia Physx chip or somthing?

  • Though the PS4 hardware is a nice increase and will aid in keeping the systems life span longer, I feel and know my custom pc will still blow the ps4 away. The issue with modern systems they have no way to actually upgrade any portion minus UI updates or firmware while a PC can have its hardware switched to meet the ever changing technology needs.

    • Luuk.vanRiel

      Thing is technology will follow the needs of the masses. Most people will stick with their ps4 for gaming. Therefore technology wont be moving too far past ps4 and next gen xbox limits. Just look at this gen. The hardware for games like watch dogs and realistic stuff like quantic dreams tech demo is there but they wont release stuff like that on pc since the big masses are on ps3