Sim City server problems ‘solved’, but petition grows

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2013

Over the weekend, we gave you an update on the troubling issues that had been plaguing the US launch of Sim City, with regards to server status errors that prevented gamers from actually logging in to play. EA has offered a free game by way of apology, but now we have an update from developers Maxis themselves, on how they have reduced the ‘core’ problems to make the game issue free moving forward.

To cut a long story short, gamers were having major problems trying to play the single player Sim City, due to the fact that the game has an always-online DRM requirement. On top of this, game saves are hosted online as well meaning that many gamers faced queues when trying to play or even in some situations – lost game data altogether.

The good news, is that Maxis has sent out a new statement ensuring that the core problems that gamers faced initially have been fixed. Maxis chief Lucy Bradshaw has said that there is a 92% reduction in game crashes and that they have doubled the amount of players that are able to play the game at the same time.

Bradshaw has also said that downtime is imminent to make way for new server upgrades that hopefully will improve the situation further and get everyone playing at the same time without a single problem. The bad news is that negative Metacritic reviews are still coming in fast, while there is also a petition set up to try to get the online DRM restriction removed.

Considering that this didn’t work for Diablo 3 and significantly reduced the risk of piracy, we doubt this petition is going to come up with the victory any time soon. There are almost 60,000 signatures so far though in the space of a few days, so at least it should get EA’s attention if anything.

How is your experience with Sim City at the moment? Are you still having problems with the game, or are you able to play issue free now?

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  • I laugh at all these people who shelled out for a farmville-esque simcity, while I sit here and play sim city 4, which still works great, and doesnt need EA’s servers. and I can build an ACTUAL CITY, not a pathetic excuse of a suburb.

  • I was unable to play about half the day yesterday. I found that if I completely shut out of the game, I was then able to reconnect and find new servers to connect to though after some experimentation.