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Pokemon X and Y gym leaders, badges teased early

We have some more Pokemon X and Y information to share with you now, as the rumors are continuing to flow after the recent outing of an apparent full pokedex. This supposedly revealed all of the names, ability type and number of new Pokemon that will be appearing in the 3DS title, which is on course for a worldwide release in October.

A global release means that you won’t have to wait 6 months until after the game is released in Japan as we saw with Black and White, which is obviously great news. Pokemon X and Y is going to be featuring fully 3D visuals for the first time on a handheld and the game is also the first entry in the successful franchise to be appearing on the Nintendo 3DS.

If you are a die-hard Pokemon fan, you have probably already seen the leaked Pokedex information here, as well as our additional details on the new Eevee evolution, called Sylveon. Now we have potentially more juicy details to share with you, as the list of Pokemon X and Y gym leaders, including all of the gym badges have apparently been revealed very early.

If the information from this website is true, it means that Pokemon X and Y is going to feature eight gym leaders, an elite four again, and then a final champion as well. Each gym leader will be taking a specific class of Pokemon into battle, and there’s also a big spoiler as well in store.

The champion trainer in the game is thought to be the main character’s father grown up, who will allegedly take a mixed class Pokemon team in battle. The eight gym badges are thought to be the web, star, eclipse, solid, grace, grid, spirit and force badges. There’s also additional details on the type of gym leader that you’ll be facing, so whoever has spilled these details has obviously gone to great length in the process.

As always, this is still a rumor until Nintendo release further details. Eight gym leaders, elite four and a champion though sounds good to us. Take a look at the information for yourself and let us know if you’ll be picking up Pokemon X and Y in October.



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