Nokia Lumia 620 gains price and orders in India

By Peter Chubb - Mar 11, 2013

While the specific release date for the Nokia Lumia 620 in India has yet to be revealed, we can tell you that pre-orders have now started. This upcoming Windows 8 handsets was first seen in December and gave us a taste of what was to come, and as you would imagine has been getting a decent amount of response in the country.

One reason for this is because of the Nokia Lumia 620 price in India, as it is just Rs 14,999 thanks to a small 3 percent discount. While this may not sound like much of a saving, would you say no to paying Rs 200 less for the latest WP8 smartphone?

We’re told that this would make the Lumia 620 the most reasonably priced Windows Phone 8 handset in the country. Speaking of that discount, we’re uncertain if Nokia India will offer it to those who had pre-ordered before it was applied, so maybe you will need to contact them to see if they will honor that same saving for early orders as well.

The Lumia 620 is expected to do very well in India because of its youthful appeal and vibrant colors, which we know India love. While some people would say that this upcoming handset looks like a brick, we have to remember that not everyone is obsessed with having a phone as thin as an iPhone 5.

A list of those all-important Nokia Lumia 620 specifications can be seen here and while many of you will have your reservations in regards to its battery performance because it being a WP8 handset, you’ll see from a recent review that the results were very promising indeed.

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  • Well i’d pre ordering it this week , my first windows phone…i think it’s gonna be a breath of fresh air from all the androids walking around (although at heart i’m a techie and love the droids)