Nikon D7100 price reduction alleviates review deficiency

By Peter Chubb - Mar 11, 2013

The release of the Nikon D7100 is the same date as when Samsung will announce the Galaxy S4, but this should not be a concern due to it being a very different market. The release date is March 14 and will see the DSLR listed at $1,596.95 for the kit, which consists of the body and the 18-105mm lens.

We can understand that the Nikon D7100 review deficiency will not be going down well for those who are considering getting the new camera, but a D7100 price reduction could help to alleviate this shortcoming a little – well that’s the hope. According to a recent rumor the figure that we gave you above has a $100 discount included.

However, if you would rather choose a different Nikon D7100 lens for yourself then you can just pay for the body, which will be $1,196.95. We have seen Nikon do something similar to this in the past, where you get an instant saving instead of having to send away for a rebate.

Like we said above there are hardly any D7100 reviews out there, although there is this one HERE. We are still waiting for a video review to appear on YouTube where we will see the Nikon D7100 go against the D7000, and we hope to see this from Thursday onwards.

From what we can make of the D7100 specs, Nikon is set to build upon a great foundation that is the D7000, although we will have to wait and see if the slight price increase will be worth it or not.

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  • Jhansen

    Actulally there is a “review” for the D7100 here: d p r e v i e w . c o m / p r e v i e w s / n i k o n – d 7 1 0 0 / 1

  • A Rather Good Photographer

    My take on this, is it is the lens which is discounted if you purchase it as part of the D7100 kit. Its a good way of selling extra stuff to people who don’t need the extra stuff. For example, I don’t need the 18-105mm, so I’ll just be buying the body only. Hey guess what, no discount. Its just marketing bull, unless of course you don’t have a lens to start with, then its cheaper than purchasing the 18-105 separately by errr $100

    Forget the discount and look at the camera. It should be better than good. Ignore the BS and look at the raw samples when its released. Only then will you know if its a great deal or not.

    As an aside, how the fek can people review a camera before it is available? The spec sheet means nothing. Its the actual pictures that count, and no one has seen any of those yet.

    • Dorkus Majorus

      Established review sites get production or pre-released models for review – that’s how. The rumour mills lately have been dry until a day before an announcement. I’m assuming because Canikon want to sell off their current model as much as possible.