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Create Harlem Shake videos with iOS apps

The Harlem Shake has taken the world by storm (even NASA) as millions of people try to get in on the action to come up with their own take on the dance craze. We saw the same thing happen last year with Gangnam Style, so was only a matter of time before something new came along.

If you head over to YouTube there are a growing number of videos but what if you want to produce your own one to share or just keep on your iPhone or iPad? Well help is at hand because there are several iOS apps to help you create Harlem Shake videos.

Harlem Shake It! is the first app designed to create your own Harlem Shake video to share on social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This is done in two simple steps, but make certain that you preview your creation before you upload, as you don’t want to look any more stupid than you already do in the video.

Harlem Shake It iOS app

Harlem Shake Creator HD is the second iOS app we have chosen and is the original. This one takes 3 steps to produce your masterpiece and what we love about this particular app is how you can use slow motion, although only for two seconds.

Harlem Shake Creator HD iOS app

Finally we have The Harlem Shake, which is said to be the most popular of all the Harlem Shake iOS apps. According to the developer this app has been downloaded more than one million times, and with version 1.0.1 now out this would be the ideal time to download and get creating.

The Harlem Shake iOS app

On the off chance that you have come up with your very own Harlem Shake video we would love to know how many hits, likes or retweets you have managed.



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