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SimCity server status improves, free EA game due

There’s no doubt the SimCity server status is much better this weekend compared to during the week, which would be thanks to some improvements being made that include adding additional servers. Things have also improved with better communication between EA and the gamers.

EA improve the SimCity server status and deliver a freebie – we published some details about the SimCity server problems a couple of days ago that saw gamers getting extremely angry over a lack of game saves, which one user summed up with this comment “when the server would go down mid-game, there is no way to save and nothing to do but wait for it to crash over and over.”

It is understandable why gamers would get a little upset in this situation, so feel free to share your story in the comments and any issues you’re having with SimCity 2013.

Within the last 48 hours EA published a post in their news section, which gave an update for SimCity server problems and explained they’ve added more capacity.

In a nutshell: more people logged on than they expected, which is a statement we’ve heard over and over from different game publishers/developers over the years.

The Freebie for SimCity players – if you have activated your game then you will receive an email from EA detailing a freebie, which will arrive by March 18 and should include a link to a free PC game download.

EA state they “feel bad about what happened“, do you now forgive them and are you enjoying the new SimCity game at last?



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