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Google X Phone optimism following Motorola blow

Since Google purchased Motorola last year staff have always known that things were not looking good, as the search engine giant looked for ways to reduce costs, which meant layoffs. Having already let 4,000 people go, there is another 1,200 workers up for the chop.

While this may be bad news for some there still seems to be an air of optimism because the Google X Phone should help to safeguard the rest of the employees at Motorola – well that is the hope anyway. However, Google understands that this is no time to be complacent because there are still several hurdles ahead of them.

Motorola is still losing money at a vast rate because of being unable to compete in certain markets, so there seems to be a great importance on the Google X Phone, which seems to be an even more significant smartphone than BlackBerry’s Z10 right now.

However, if some of the rumors in regards to this phone actually come true, such as monster storage, gesture recognition, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie amongst several other highly anticipated specs then as Crave says the Google X Phone could, “be quite a doozy.”

They also suggest that it could be an affordable handset as well, which would go a long way to help the Google X Phone compete in markets such as China and India, which as we know are very important to guarantee the future of many phone makers.

While the price of the Google X Phone is still unknown, as is the release date, there has been speculation that it could be as cheap as the Nexus 4, which if true could turn Motorola’s fortunes around. However, let’s hope that Google is able to get on top of their main issue, and that is supply and demand, as they have been unable to keep enough stock of the Nexus 4, and so means that potential customers have had to be turned away until new new stock comes in.

Google is said to be doing what Sony has done with the Xperia Z and come up with a tablet version of their X Phone. It’s going to be make or break time with these devices, but with Google not having to outsource like they have to with their Nexus handsets and tablets, the market is about to get very interesting indeed.



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