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Review of Canon 70D rumors, successor to the 60D

Canon has been very busy of late, not only did we have the 60D release shortly after its August 2010 unveiling, they also released an updated version of this DSLR in April last year as well as a range of compacts in between. However, we have known for a while that the Canon 70D was going to debut, and we can now tell you that the successor to the 60D will be unveiled on March 22, 2013.

While we have no official details in regards to the Canon 70D specs, we can tell you that the features will be a huge jump when compared to the 60D, so let’s hope that the 70D price does not take too much of a jump either.

As you would imagine there have been plenty of rumors surrounding this upcoming DSLR, such as this one suggesting that the 70D being an amalgamation of the 7D and 60D, so maybe the cost will be a little higher after all?

Knowing that the Canon 70D will be pretty close to the 7D, even though it will have several feature upgrades like a higher megapixel APS-C sensor, as reported here, it was obvious that Canon would want to update that particular camera as well, so we should expect the arrival of the 7D X pretty soon as well.

If we are to believe this rumor then the Canon 7D X will sit somewhere between the 70D and 5D Mark III. Once we know more come March 22 then we will offer you a review of the Canon 70D specifications.



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