Practical iOS 7 features from a user’s perspective

By Peter Chubb - Mar 9, 2013

We can safely say that iOS 7 will be unveiled sometime in June during WWDC 2013, but a release date is not expected until several months later. Having been an iOS user since the start when it was known as iPhone OS I’m the first to say that the software has always failed to deliver some simple features that one would expect.

iOS 6 has some of the best features we have seen from the platform, yet it has been the one with the most issues as well. The new version promised so much with its new Apple Maps and improved Siri features, but it has failed to deliver on so many levels.

Some of the wanted features for the next version are all well and good, but some are never going to make it, while others are things that we should expect because Android users are already enjoying such features. No doubt you have heard the Apple faithful saying if you want those features then make the switch to Android, and I can say I have come close, but always feel as though this would be a wrong move.

While we have already looked at some features that would make iOS 7 truly special, we now thought we would look at some of the more practical features. The auto brightness is something that needs to be resolved, as this would go a long way to help prolong the battery, which we know has been a huge issue for iOS 6.

We’d also like to see the Photo app given a makeover and give you far more control over your saved images, along with the ability to edit this more than you currently can. How many times have you wondered when or where a photo was taking when you click on it?

Surely it’s about time that Apple gave us the capability to quickly access WiFi, Bluetooth and Airplane mode from the home screen instead of having to go into settings, where they are in different sections?

Apple Maps and Siri are certain to see updates in iOS 7, which as you would imagine is far more likely to happen than Apple making their mobile OS more open, which some rumors have suggested. While it is a nice thought of having more control over your iOS, we would hate to worry about far more security issues like Android users face on a daily basis.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire many of the features Android has and feel that iOS lags behind in several areas, but I also like the knowledge that my phone will not get any kind of malware.

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  • burn

    We have antivirus over on Android, but of course freedom equals risks.

  • Danny Dodge

    Lol scared to use android incase you get malware? Keep off the dirty sites and keep your tin foil hat on and you’ll be fine 😉

  • Charles

    Oh wow, you trade your freedom for security and ease of use to the fear of malware? This is the worst writ ive ever read in my life. I clicked on this hoping to see if some apple writer has finally seen the light but no. You want things like photo editor and switching toggle on the front screen? Is that how your apple has locked down your desire for innovation? That you cannot demand radical innovation from apple so it keeps with the times? This is not about whether android does it or not, why does it have to be about android? Why does a companies innovative prowress have to lie in what its rival is doing? Too bad android took the lead in giving consumers what they wanted but still Apple needs to lick its wounds and follow suit. Things I want from the new IOS 7- Ability for apps to share information, like the share feature on Android; That is obvious, IOS 7 tablets cannot keep being dumb, creation of a file system so we can organise our files as we please, some form of personalization; turning on our tablets and seeing rows and columns of apps is a waste of screen space and intelligence;feels like a childs toy, and yeah im gonna say it, despite what steve jobs thought, we need a good wacom stylus for tablets. A lot of folks purchased those fat mouthed styluses because they were in the situations where they needed them, how many times as an engineer have I wanted to input a formula on my ipad and cringed on my inability to do so? If the ipad cant solverral world problems, it is a piece of junk.