Harlem Shake NASA tops airplane YouTube video

The amount of general public and celebrities uploading Harlem Shake videos to YouTube has been incredible, which includes teenagers having fun to the Miami HEAT edition that currently has over 38 million video views.

One of our previous favorites had been the Harlem Shake video set on an airplane, of all places, which has seen around 5 million views and took place during a flight to President’s Day ultimate tournament in San Diego. This video received a lot of attention thanks to some calling it a safety concern, although the majority of viewers understood the fun being gained from taking part in this dance trend.

Now the Harlem Shake by NASA – it had to happen and found in the first video below you will see NASA performing the Harlem Shake in the Control Center. This video had been uploaded just a few days ago and only has 26,000 views at the time of writing.

Hit the comments with your thoughts on the Harlem Shake by NASA, Miami HEAT and the airplane stunt. You can watch all three videos below, just in case you haven’t seen them all yet.

Would you like to see the Harlem Shake done in zero gravity next time? If you’re in our app then look for the videos on our website.



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