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5 iPad concept videos illustrate dream features and design

Knowing that the iPad 3 did not have long on the market until its successor came along there had been suggestions that we would see the release of the 5th-generation Apple tablet this month. However, this was never likely to happen because we know that Apple will want to make the iPad 5 a little special.

As always we have no idea as to what the new iPad 5 features will be, what it will look like and when that all-important iPad 5-release date will be. However, this has not stopped several fans from giving us their view on how they would like the upcoming iOS tablet to look like.

Here we have 5 concept videos of what the 2013 iPad could look like just to illustrate the new features and design, although these are never likely to happen, it’s nice just to see what is possible.

5 iPad concept videos illustrate new features and design

In the first concept video above you will see an iPad that looks pretty normal, that’s until the tablet is turned on and you see that the display is edge-to edge, which means the iPad 5 would not have a home button. In order to unlock and start the iPad up you just use two fingers on the touchscreen.

The second concept video, which we have discussed in the past, looks like a set of those glass bathroom scales. While this looks like a clean design, one has to wonder how all the internals are fitted into the small areas top and bottom?

Below you will see the third video, and this is a look at what the iPad 5 could actually look like because it takes into considering news that the new iPad could have the same bezel as the iPad mini.

As for the reaming two concept videos these are a little far-fetched, but they are fun to watch. What are your expectations in regards to the iPad 5, such as what features the new Apple tablet could have and how much this would affect the price.



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