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Sim City server problems with online saves causing anger

If you have picked up a copy of the recently released Sim City game on PC, there’s a high probability that you are running into problems with the game amid reports that EA are having serious issues with their online servers for the building sim. Complaints are pouring in over the fact that the game has an always-online DRM requirement, in some cases preventing gamers from even being able to play the game they’ve just bought due to inexplicable server queues.

To point out – Sim City is a single player game on the whole, which is why gamers are feeling truly outraged on this latest instance of DRM shenanigans. Aside from the fact that many gamers cannot even play the game, we’re also getting feedback from disgruntled gamers who have said that their game saves are being deleted because they are stored online on EA’s servers.

You only need to head to Metacritic to see the extent of the problems at hand. 241 positive, 37 mixed but a staggering 1500+ of negative user reviews culminating in a current overall user score of just 1.7. We’ve highlighted one review from a user which tells the story of how most of you are feeling:

“Server reached maximum capacity and so I was placed in a queue and was not allowed to play a SINGLE PLAYER GAME because it forces me to constantly be online. So despite my flawless internet connection, EA’s incompetence has forced me to postpone playing a game I’d like to play on my own anyway.”

Amazon has even gone as far to stop selling digital copies of the game until the issue is fixed. They have also issued a message warning gamers that EA are experiencing server problems with the game, which is very respectable on their part. EA themselves have said that they are working through the hours to alleviate some of the stress, but it looks like the bulk of the damage may have already been done.

Are you having problems with getting into a game on Sim City? Let us know your honest opinions on the always-online DRM requirement in place.



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