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Socialmatic vs. GALAXY Camera for Instagram users

One of the most popular cameras of 2012 was the Samsung GALAXY Camera because of the ability to get online while you are out and about and then use services such as Instagram. There are other devices on the market that aim to do the same thing, but the GALAXY is the daddy in our eyes.

However, all that could be about to change in early 2014 because the Indiegogo project from last year will finally become a reality. The Socialmatic is basically an Instagram camera with a difference, because it will also have a Polaroid design much like the popular social sharing app.

Both these cameras will not be in direct competition with each other because they will be aimed at different markets. Firstly we know that the GALAXY camera features will be far more superior to the Socialmatic, and the price will be very different as well.

The Polaroid style Socialmatic Camera is still in its concept stage, but a look at the video below gives you an idea of what is to come. We already know some of the specs, such as 16GB of storage, interchangeable lenses, LED flash, its very own printer like the original Polaroid cameras and also WiFi and Bluetooth.

It’s clear to see that the Samsung GALAXY Camera lacks two of those features, but does have 3G (apart from the non-3G version) and will produce far greeter images thanks to a more superior lens.

Even though you cannot buy the Socialmatic Instagram camera yet this has not stopped it gaining a huge amount of attention, which is mostly from those who love using the Instagram service. Do you believe that such a device would be able to live up to its hype?



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