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Samsung NX1100 review of specs and accessories

We know how Samsung love to update their range of tablets and smartphones each year, well it seems as though they also plan to do that with their NX range of cameras. We say this because the NX1100 is not yet a year old and it looks as though they are ready to update this in 2013.

It’s been reported that a manual for the Samsung NX1100 camera was leaked and it not only gave us a review of the specs but also the range of accessories to go with it. Looking over the new features there is not much to get excited over because they are comparable to the outgoing NX1000, although many of the other NX1100 specifications will be far better than the Nikon J1 and J2.

The main features of the new camera from Samsung are a 20.3-megapixel sensor, 3-inch display, built-in WiFi, ISO 12,800 sensitivity limit and much more, which you can see for yourself HERE.

Unfortunately we do not have a release date or price for the Samsung NX1100 camera, but at least we know there will be several lenses made available, along with two flashes and a GPS unit.

As you would imagine this has not gone down well with those who have just purchased the NX1000, but then this is the risk we take whenever we buy anything new.

Having said that, we always know when the likes of Samsung plan to release or unveil a new smartphone, such as the Galaxy S4 later this month, so how come they don’t do the same with their range of cameras?



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